Due to Covid-19, many item's are on backorder, and will state the status of each individual item in the product description. If you have questions about your order please email us: info@everythingedas.com


-EDAS is a modern lifestyle brand created for eclectic beings. Founded in 2015 by Creative Director, Sade Mims, and currently based in New York City. Since launching in 2015, EDAS has grown a known DNA rooted in careful craftmanship and innovation. Making its mark in the accessories sector as a brand innately conscious of utilizing storytelling and community building as a leading part of our growth and development.

Sade Mims, head designer, has a strong interest in designing, creative directing, producing, event planning and writing. Incorporating each of these skills to produce quality work within her own designs, artwork and home accents. Each piece is made to be worn alone or paired, giving you a sense of customization and contrast. We strive to make you feel beautiful, one accessory at a time.