Due to Covid-19, many item's are on backorder, and will state the status of each individual item in the product description. If you have questions about your order please email us: info@everythingedas.com

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EDAS x Mexico

Introducing EDAS x Mexico, an accessories and wearable goods collection manufactured with the hopes of being a little kinder to the earth by producing each and every item just for you. Released in phases, carefully crafted, and made with love.

We ventured through Mexico to forge our own narrative of a country we have always craved to know more about. On our quest, we took heed to create this new body of work within a region full of rich history and culture, where the indigenous people are widely respected for their craftsmanship, variant art forms, weaving, leather development and pottery works.  

Our exploration not only brought us to a wonderful tribe of makers in León, Guanajuato, that we now consider our extended family, EDAS was also graciously granted access to unfold an authentic perspective of Mexico, one that so often gets wrongfully told.

We are honored to bring to you all EDAS x Mexico.